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Day 1, Entry 1

Just about 2 months ago i entered, what is commonly around here called, The Clark to be assessed in their Mood Disorder clinic. I had suffered all my life with bouts of depression and anxiety. both these states of being have had such a significant impact on my life that recently i seriously contemplated suicide. I was taken to Mount Sinai hospital where i sat for hours with my husband and brother only to be eventually dismissed as "being ok" and "just a little troubled" (the "best medicine" my ass!.

enter my GP (family doctor). he took me seriously and got things going on for me. fast forward two months. i have been clinically diagnosed as Rapid Cycling Type II Bipolar. added to my paxil regime is Lamotrigine. soon, talk therapy will join the ranks.

welcome to my journey. i hope you'll join me.
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I'm also taking Lamictal (lamotrigine) and have been since late April. It's made a huge difference in my life, and I'm glad that you've finally been properly diagnosed. Good luck with the titration, and I hope that you feel better soon.
I know how shitty it is when they dont take on board how deep your depression and rages can be with this disorder.



January 25 2009, 18:31:32 UTC 8 years ago

Hayyy Itss nice to b a part of such community where one can xpress his/her painfull feelings ... I dont suffer frm any disorder by Gods Grace.. but wud still like to join this community nd talk to all of u .. nd help U share ur feelings ...