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i'll preface my question with some history. i've been mentally ill all my life, and have received or been considered for a host of diagnoses: depressive NOS, bipolar NOS, major depressive disorder, dysthymia, OCD, PTSD, GAD, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, borderline personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, schizoaffective disorder. now, that's a whole shitload of disorders, and i'm sure i don't have all of them. most of them, even. my current set of diagnoses is PTSD and bipolar NOS. my question, or set of questions, for yall is: when were you initially diagnosed? with what were you originally diagnosed? if you weren't diagnosed as bipolar right off the bat, when did you/your clinician(s) figure it out?
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I first saw a psychiatrist this past January, on the suspicion of Bipolar or depression. (I was 26.) Step one was assuming it was unipolar depression and trying an SSRI (Lexapro). That lasted four days, and I almost had to be hospitalized because it drove me into such deep suicidal despair. The next try was Bipolar NOS, and treatment with Lithium. I responded well to the Lithium and in march or April, we called it Bipolar II. Shortly after that, the psychosis became pretty prominant and we're still trying to figure out the right meds for that.
I'm afraid I might not be much help, but I just got diagnosed bipolar last fall, age 30 (eek!) and it seems to be pretty bang on. Explained much of my 20's, I tell ya.
I started taking Librium at age 7, because my FATHER was Paranoid Schizophrenic. I was actually called "Depressed" the first time at age 12. I've been in treatment ever since, finally getting a diagnosis (Gee. I'm sorry you've been misdiagnosed all these years) about 15 years ago.